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Gold Point Transportation strives to add the latest technology available for transportation in order to provide our customers with the most accurate information possible.

Our  I.T. and in house programmers are also always available to provide customized services for our clients.  All of our data is secured on the cloud for optimal security.

TMS (Transportation Management System):

Gold Point has been using Trinium Technologies as our primary TMS.  Trinium provides a wide array of services including mobile dispatch, real time delivery updates, EDI and API connectivity and more.


YMS (Yard Management System):

Our yard managements system provides real time data of all transactions performed in both our San Diego and Long Beach yards.  Hourly, Daily, Weekly reports can be provided automatically as needed for our clients.  By using the latest technology, transactions performed at our gates are optimized to provide efficiency and accuracy.



All trucks that are required by the DOT/FMSCA to use ELD are all equipped with these services. 


Mobile Dispatch:

Our drivers have the ability to utilize mobile dispatch technology which enhances their ability to maximize their hours of service by eliminating physical dispatch needs.

Drivers are also able to provide electronic proof of deliveries so that real time delivery confirmation can be provided to our customer.

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